Katia Panteli, Designer and Founder of “Katia Panteli Swimwear and Beachwear Collection”, based in Athens, grew up in the beaches of Greece, living in a bikini from an early age.  She got her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and travelled around the world during her collaboration with various companies, until she decided to turn her passion for fashion into luxurious swimsuits, drawing her inspiration for the designs and names of her collection from her travels across the world, bringing together experts with 25 years of experience in sewing and 20 years of experience in the fabrication market.

All swimwear and beachwear items, one by one, are made with care and attention to detail.  Our limited quantity lines, released strategically throughout the year, ensure that our customers will always be on the forefront of new fashion trends, at the same time making a difference.

The “Katia Panteli Swimwear” team is constantly in search of the finest high fashion fabrics such as lurex, a yarn with metallic appearance, metallic silver or gold layer that has been vaporized, combined with soft texture lycra from Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian factories.  Adding a more feminine design to timeless patterns, together with sustainable innovation, creates a unique and impressive result.

One-piece swimsuits worn on holidays, but also in daily life, from the morning at the beach until the night in the clubs, or combined with skirts and costumes as body wear all year round; also, tiny bikinis along with beachwear made from fabrics produced exclusively for the company, create stunning beach sets.  

Katia Panteli has dedicated herself to creation of haute couture swimsuit. Her entire "more than swimwear" collection is addressed to the woman who takes care of herself, feels special, and is confident with her appearance.

The woman who has taste, style, stands out with her presence, and attracts everyone’s attention wearing one of our various sets, either in the beach or elsewhere.